How often should you review your financial plan?

Your plan is your financial roadmap and you should refer to it regularly to make sure that you are on track to where you want to go.

However, a plan only works when you’ve considered your current situation. It’s a document that should change and evolve as your life does, accounting for births and marriages, moves and downsizing, and more.

So how often should you look at it? There’s no absolute rule. However, reviewing it at least once a year will help you stay on top of changes you may need to make to your plan.

There are also some milestones that make reviewing your financial plan essential.


  • Birth of a child
  • New job/promotion
  • Loss of job
  • Moving house
  • Buying/selling a house
  • A significant change in health status
  • Death/inheritance
  • Getting married/divorced/separated
  • Achieving a goal in your financial plan, such as paying off a debt or acquiring a significant new asset

These are just a few ideas of times when it’s worth reviewing your plan, but your financial planner can help you make a bigger, more tailored list for your situation.

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